Special Educational Needs & Disability(SEND) Technical Advisor

Beneficiary Institution
Ministry of Education, Culture and Higher Education
Duty Stations
Mogadishu, Somalia
Stipend commensurate with degree and experience
6 Months
Post Date
11 Jun 2019
Deadline Date
25 Jun 2019


The overall purpose of the assignment is to strengthen and develop the organizational capacity in implementing SEND programs in Schools.


About MIDA FINNSOM Project
IOM Migration for Development in Africa (MIDA) programmes focus on strengthening the institutional capacities of African States through a structured framework of mobilization of resources involving countries of destination, countries of origin and diasporas. In Somalia, through its MIDA programme, IOM has been helping the Somali Government since 2008 to strengthen the capacity of Somali institutions so that they can be more effective in responding to the needs of Somali people. The MIDA FINNSOM South Central Somalia project is funded by the Government of Finland. Similarly, to the MIDA FINNSOM Health projects implemented in Somaliland and Puntland by IOM Helsinki with support from the Finnish Government, this project aims to facilitate the transfer of skills, competencies and knowledge of qualified Somali expatriates to public institutions in Somalia, with focus on two sectors: health and education. The beneficiary institution will host the qualified Somali expatriate, and will be responsible to provide a safe and secure work environment. The IOM Mogadishu MIDA staff will monitor the expatriates while on assignment.

About Ministry of Education Culture and Higher Education
The Ministry of Education, Culture & Higher Education with the assistance of the IOM/MIDA FINNSOM Education Project, is seeking to hire special Education Technical Advisor who will work with special Education Unit in the department of Schools in order to improve the capacity of Staff including teachers and Head teachers to develop appropriate an effective Special Education Programs.
The selected candidate will create, develop SEND policies and procedures, prepare standards, resource mobilization plans and develop strategies for intervention. He/she will network with the National and International Partners, provide leadership guidance and support in developing, implementing and reviewing to improve the overall quality and access to Education.

Expected Result

Under the overall guidance of the designated supervisor, the SEND Technical Advisor will be responsible for the following duties and responsibilities:

1.Conduct extensive literature review in the existing documents related to Somalia and the federal member States special need education policy.
2.Carry out to review on how inclusive education and special needs should integrate in the following sub sectors; Secondary Education, Higher and Tertiary Education, Technical and Vocational Training, Teacher Education and implementing initiatives which aimed at increasing enrolment and improving retention of children with special needs.
3.Conduct preliminary need assessment of Special education in Somalia and suggest possible measures to manage the current practices of ongoing SEND programmes.
4.Evaluate how the general curriculum can be responsive and will reflect to the childrens needs and advise appropriate measures to enforce the adoption of current curriculum for SEND.
5.Increase enrolment for students with special needs.
6.Create opportunities for students with special needs to easily access to higher education.
7.Provide guidance to lecturers/tutors and management on the implementation of inclusive education for students with Special Needs as well as developing individual education plan (IEP) in order to cater for individual Student needs.
8.Support the ministry mainstream SEND teaching strategies and methodologies in the teacher training curriculum.
9.Provide technical support with MOECHE for required leadership in the SEND programming and implementation on inclusive education,
10.Make recommendations in order to improve accessibility attainment for all students who have SEND.
11.Deliver training to staff and lectures at MOECHE on SEND.
12.Create opportunities for lecturers and other management to understand SEND in order to reduce barriers for SEND students.
13.Preparing and adapting teaching materials.
14.Attending meetings and reviews.
15.Draw good practice and lessons learnt from the ongoing programs to inform national education policy and planning;
16.Working as part of a trans-disciplinary team around children, including educators, parents, caregivers, to enhance understanding about the child and their behaviours, and to collaboratively develop, implement and monitor effective personalized learning plans.
17.Undertakes other assignments assigned by Librarys management.


To be specified for the work plan of the TA. But he has to:
1. Revise Special Need Education policy.
2. Conduct a needs assessment on the existing gaps in the
3. Develop SEND guidance manual for the ministry and for the teacher training centres.


1. Transfer of skills: one of the main responsibilities of the qualified Somali expatriate, and one which he/she will be measured against, will be to insure continuous and systematic transfer of knowledge and skills are related to the assignment it will have to be agreed with the beneficiary institutions, which civil servants will have to benefit from this knowledge.
2. Work plan: A work plan will have to be developed with the supervisor at the line Ministry during the first week of assignment, which will provide clear and time bound activities to successfully implement the outputs of assignment.
3. Monthly and final reports: Monthly progress reports will be submitted by the incumbent to the Supervisor in the Ministry and to IOM Mogadishu MIDA Programme Officer. At the end of the assignment.


Level of Education:Master Degree

Area of Study:In Special Education or related field
Years of work experience in what area(s):Minimum of 5 years of professional experience relevant to the post in reference;
Languages needed:Somali and English,
General Skills / Other Requirements:Experience in working at the policy level in countries under fragility;
Demonstrated understanding of governance and accountability in the education sector;
Ability to work collaboratively with counterparts in government ministries;
Excellent oral and written communication skills in English and Somali;
Strong analytical abilities and skills for rationalizing SEND concept,
Exposure to function of SEND Unit and possess good team building skills.
Be available immediately.


Health insurance, including evacuation due to medical emergency, will be provided by the project. However, experts will be requested to provide a recent medical certificate stating that they are physically well and apt to work in a hardship area in Africa.
Please note that neither IOM nor Swedish Government, according to the contract, will be responsible for the security of the qualified Somali expatriates. The host beneficiary institution will be responsible for the security of the individual.
Before leaving the country of residence and upon arrival in Nairobi or in Somalia, the qualified Somali expatriate will receive a pre-departure briefing including security advice and cultural background.

How to apply

All applications must apply online through the QUESTS-MIDA website.

To start the application process the applications are required to register on account with the QUESTS-MIDA website. Go to www.quests-mida.org login and register as a user, then fill the form and create a password to inter in the application section.

Short listed candidates will be informed of the status of their application. If you encounter any problems when applying visit the FAQs section on the website for more information.